15 Spiritual Insights From the Native American Culture

Discover new meaning in your life with these spiritual truths.

Mary Beth Hazeldine
10 min readMay 30, 2022


A Native American Indian in colorful dress leaning forward.
Photo by Andrew James on Unsplash

I remind myself every day that “I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.” Otherwise, it’s easy to think that I’m a human being, separate from everything and everyone else, letting my ego get the better of me.

I’m passionate about reminding others of this truth. Why? Because when you remember that you’re a spiritual being, it changes everything. You realize that you’re connected to everyone and all of life. You see the world through new eyes — eyes of wonder, love, and compassion.

One of my coaching mentors has done a lot of work with the indigenous American community. He always speaks of their spiritual view of life. After years of listening to him talk about the spiritual culture of the American Indians, I have taken away these 15 truths. They can help you connect more deeply with your spiritual nature.

1. You are connected to all of life.

Every living thing on this earth is connected to every other living thing. We are interconnected and interdependent upon one another. We are all part of the same web or net of life.

When one part of the web is affected, the entire web is affected. When one part of the web thrives, the entire web thrives.

Understanding our connection to all of life is essential for creating a healthy, sustainable world for future generations. We must realize that we are all in this together and that what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.

An analogy that I personally like, is that everyone is represented by a drop of water and that together all living things form the ocean. You are not only a part of the ocean, but the ocean is in you.

2. Honor and respect every living thing.

As you look out at the world around you, it’s easy to see the beauty and wonder of nature. The majesty of the mountains, the power of the oceans, and the brilliance of the stars all inspire awe and respect.

But it’s important to remember that all life forms deserve to be respected and honored, no matter how “large” or…



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