The 7 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Mary Beth Hazeldine
6 min readMar 13, 2022
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What makes someone successful? Is it innate talent, luck, or hard work? Or is it something else entirely? In reality, success is a combination of many different factors. But what sets successful people apart from unsuccessful ones? Here are seven key differences.

1. Successful people take action.

Unsuccessful people often hesitate to take action, while successful people are proactive and always moving forward. They understand that inaction leads to stagnation and ultimately failure.

An example of a successful person taking action is Steve Jobs. He was the founder of Apple, one of the most successful companies in the world. Jobs was a tireless worker who was always moving forward and taking action. He was also a risk-taker, which helped him to achieve great success.

Another example of successful people taking action is Bill Gates. Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, and he is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He is a self-made billionaire, and his net worth is estimated to be $86 billion. Gates is also a philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to various charities. How did he achieve all this success? He took action and never gave up.

2. Successful people are persistent and never give up.

Unsuccessful people often give up too quickly, while successful people are determined and never give up on their dreams. They know that persistence is key to achieving success.

One example of a successful person who was persistent and never gave up is Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey was relentless in her pursuit of success, and she never gave up on her dreams. After being fired from her job as a news anchor, she became the first black woman to host a daytime talk show, which was a huge success. Winfrey is also one of the richest women in the world.

Another example of a successful person who never gave up is Henry Ford. He was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He is considered one of the most successful businessmen in history. Ford was a pioneer in the automobile industry, and he helped to revolutionize transportation. He also played a significant role in the…

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